5 Best French Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal is an incredible destination which is known best for its restaurants and the numerous delicacies served. This foodie destination is also well-known for its French flair which has to do much with the epicurean reputation of the city across the globe. Montreal or the ‘Paris’ of North America offers you some of the best French food served at the most recognized establishments. Therefore, at the French restaurants in Montreal you can expect the best culinary offerings of France. So enjoy having them sitting right at this North American city.

If you happen to visit this North American city, you will find hundreds of French restaurants within the city. Most of the French restaurants in Montreal vary in design, location, price and also in their own approach to serve food. For your own convenience, here comes the top 5 French restaurants in Montreal to choose from.

Le Margaux

5058 Parc Avenue

The Le Margaux is a delightful French restaurant which is known for its local flair and French tradition. Situated along the Mile End, Le Margaux has a reputation of serving guests from around the world. A good planning can be noticed all through the dishes. You get creativity at its best. This French restaurant is arguably the most affordable choices when it’s about selecting the best French restaurant in Montreal. The table d’hote as your lunchtime menu is available for just $20.

Le Pois Penche

1230 De Maisonneuve West

This is one of the most fashionable restaurants in Montreal. This French restaurant is inspired by its traditional style and spirit dating back to 1940 Paris. In the current date, Le Pois Penche is considered as one of the best French bistros located in the Downtown Montreal. If you are searching for some upscale bargains, then this is the place to watch for. Starting from Monday to Friday, this restaurant offers you dozens of oysters for just $20 from 5 to 8 pm in the evening.

Le Paris

1812 Sainte Catherine West

Le Paris was started by the Poucant family in 1950s. This is one of the oldest French restaurants in Montreal known for its time-honored French ambience and charm. Le Paris wins hearts with its mouth watering fried steaks and a wide variety of other non-vegetarian delights.

Les Filles du Roy

405 Rue Bonsceours

You’re sure to get amazed by the beauty and d├ęcor of every room. This restaurant serves a wide variety of French cuisines. The best thing is that the cuisines are influenced by the Quebecois discoveries. Get ready for a truly historic experience like never before.


407 McGill Street

This is one of the most classic French bistro restaurants in Montreal with loads of refreshing French food. The main chef Simon Laplante provides you this classic bistro with a welcoming interior. The dark wood interiors offer a warm and soothing ambiance to enjoy your food on an autumn day.


1112 Boul.de Maisonneuve East

This classic French restaurant is situated in Montreal Gay Village. It serves you its own bottle of wine and to dine leisurely at 6 to 9 pm sittings. If you visit on weekends, make sure you have reservations done from before. Try the filet mignon.

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